[ILUG-BOM] [OT] Unlimited broadband

Dinesh Joshi dinesh.a.joshi@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Sun May 7 03:03:02 IST 2006

On Saturday 06 May 2006 15:26, Arun K. Khan wrote:
> Way back in spring 2001, Yahoo! was unreachable for about 24+ hours
> due to a massive Distributed DoS ping attack.  Yahoo! put in the
> effort to block only the illegit requests but many sites decided to
> drop ICMP echo requests (e.g. www.redhat.com, www.att.com).

lol...isnt that kinda stupid? I mean you can't really guard against a 
DDoS no matter what the protocol is...

Dinesh A. Joshi

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