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Sun May 7 20:23:01 IST 2006

Hello all,

This is one example to show that MTNL has improved its CC and how this list 
helped me in solving a problem. 

Today I was at a client's place where I was installing a second hand pc (W 98)
The pc had a usb port only so the driver was loaded but come what may, no sites 
would open as dns would not resolve. The client uses a voip box independently 
connected to the adsl's etherner port. Acording to the client the net was running 
till the old pc conked off a few months ago. So I reinsatlled the drivers, tried 
everything possible to get the usb net working. The ethernet side was working as 
he could make international calls. Finally after more than a hour, I called up 
mtnl's CC. He asked me to check various settings till we came to WAN settings. 
There I was surprised to see the connection type was 'bridged'. I asked the CC if 
it should be PPPoE and he agreed. The user_name/passwd was added and the net was 
up and running. But now the voip stopped working. 

>From this list I had read about bridging and using pppoe in the comp. itself. So 
the raspppoe drivers were downloaded and installed. The adsl was again set to 
bridged mode and the 'raspppoe' command was run. It searched for available 
servers and I selected the first one and created a dialup connection. The 
user_name and passwd were added and now the net as well as voip box is usable. 
The NDIS patch too was downloaded to enable smooth operation in 98. 

All this was possible thanks to this list and its informative discussions.



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