[ILUG-BOM] Is GNU/Linux only for Geeks?

Debarshi 'Rishi' Ray debarshi.ray@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Mon Aug 7 12:03:25 IST 2006

>> trouble with its Wifi, one had trouble with both its CD-ROM and Wifi,
>> and one has issues with the sound-card.
>> None of these are highly sophisticated H/W (imagine trouble with CD-ROM).
> I would just have returned those as defective. *If it doesn't work,
> return it*.
> Your problem was most likely with the motherboard though.

But in atleast two of the cases the problem got solved with the very
latest versions of GNU/Linux. The Wifi card which was not working in
FC5 started functioning in Ubuntu Dapper and the latest Knoppix, while
the unresponsive CD-ROM had no problems in the latest Knoppix.

It is true that geeks & hackers with some effort can fix most of these
issues. I don't claim to be  a geek, but I feel even those belonging
to the 'uber' class would not always have the time to manually rectify
their hardware problems.

After all, 'out-of-the-box' is a good thing to have, and Ubuntu has
achieved it to a large extent.


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