[ILUG-BOM] gaurav.p.chaturvedi@gmail.com wants to 3D IM w/ you on IMVU

Wed Aug 9 10:31:52 IST 2006

On Wednesday 09 August 2006 10:03 am, Siddhesh Poyarekar wrote:

> We can't simply assume that all members are old enough. Also,
> kicking people out of silly things causes alienation, and we're
> here to try and attract a user base. I know many will jump forward
> and say "we don't want such people, good riddance" but that's
> hardly the way to go about increasing the popularity of Free
> Software.
> A warning and moderation is good enough. If moderators are
> overworked then the veterans of the group can take turns every week
> or fortnight to moderate.

High hopes. The veterans are totally overworked and tired of telling 
people of nettiquette and it's cost. And this one is just plain 
But i (sullenly) agree to your 1st para. We must hope that sense will 
be knocked into the newcomers. Besides if he is a spammer he'll 
register in  a new name and continue.


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