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Debarshi 'Rishi' Ray debarshi.ray@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Thu Aug 10 12:26:23 IST 2006

> Ok, I'll tell you what.  You give me all your passwords, and I'll agree
> that there's nothing wrong with using meebo.  If you're not willing to
> give me your passwords, then don't tell others to give out theirs.

I did not understand.

> Note, (and I hope you read this very very carefully), this is NOT about
> giving out your email address.  I already have that.  This is about
> passwords.

What if there is a back door in the latest version of GAIM, Kopete,
Freetalk, etc.. Sure one will notice it and plug the hole, but before
thats done many people would have gone down the hole.

> One last question for you.  How many people have you seen who have lost
> their Yahoo! account?  I've seen thousands.

Ah. Interesting. You work in Yahoo! don't you? So thats nothing
unusual. But I think you have not got the whole picture. I did not
make Meebo, they dont pay me. All I want is a solution. A workable
solution. You have said these same things last time this whole
discussion cropped up. But where is the alternative? I stop using
Meebo. Fine. So how do I IM.

Let me tell you that this IMing issue is one of the main reasons why
people don't shift to a Free OS completly. And if they DO Meebo is
their only saviour. Atleast the only one I know of.


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Sometime on Thu, Aug 10, 2006 at 02:44:51AM +0530, Debarshi 'Rishi' Ray said:
> >Remember the hulla ballo that was created when someone
> >suggested using meebo? :O
> That someone was me. If you really want it, then we can have a nice
> debate on this, and I can clearly explain to you why it was at all
> needed.
> Why blame meebo? Because its the new kid on the block, and not as big
> as Yahoo! MSN, or Google? How do you know that the big names are not
> giving out your ID to some unwanted place?

Please note that this is about giving your Yahoo/MSN info to third
party. There's nothing wrong in giving Yahoo/MSN's login/passwd to
Yahoo/MSN itself, no matter if its a new kid around the block or an
old heavy weight. What Yahoo/MSN will do with your info is clearly
mentioned in their TOS.

> Tell me onething everybody. What happens if your mail account gets
> infected by viruses of the sort that keep sending mails to all the
> addresses in our address book. Its theoretically all right to talk

That is the precise reason why this list does not allow emails larger
than 7KB and strips out all the attachments. Most of these kinds of
nematodes spread via attachments.

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