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Debarshi 'Rishi' Ray debarshi.ray@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Thu Aug 10 12:38:00 IST 2006

> I work behind a very restrictive firewall too, and we (people in my org)
> realized that the communication in all the clients is happening over http.
> The clients "tunnel" their protocols over http and hence it works.

> If you use gaim, you may want to go to advanced settings and try giving port
> numbers as 20, 23 and 80 to see if yahoo, gtalk and MSN start working.

Thanks for the interest. But I had tried this in the past and I tried
it just now. Does not work. GMail (on GAIM) simpy said 'port x
tunneling not allowed', while Yahoo (on GAIM) gave a 'write error' for
port 80. Other messages were the same for GTalk.

GAIM would start working out of the box, if the ports are opened. I
know this since the ports were opened temporarily and they just

Let me tell this list, that in the period when GAIM was working people
(including most Windoze users) became a huge fan of GAIM. GAIM was
preferred over and above the GTalk and Yahoo! Messenger clients.

> I have not tried it, hence can't comment. But this has been tried in our
> organization.

With what results?


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