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Philip Tellis philip.tellis@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Thu Aug 10 18:47:45 IST 2006

Sometime Today, CS cobbled together some glyphs to say:

> Quote : libyahoo2 is derivative of the yahoo module from gaim.
> So does it sync with gaim for problems ? Or is it ahead of gaim Y! module ?

After the initial fork, there has been no gaim code moved into 
libyahoo2.  The two proceed in completely parallel development trains. 
For example, libyahoo2 has webcam support, gaim doesn't.  gaim has 
userpic support, libyahoo2 doesn't.

libyahoo2 is being worked on by a bunch of people who maintain their own 
messenger programs (eg: Miranda, CenterICQ, ayttm).

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