[ILUG-BOM] Help: Configuring IQARA Broadband on FC5

Rakesh Venkat rakesh09@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Mon Oct 23 17:03:39 IST 2006

I am dual booting FC5 with Windoze on  a  Toshiba Laptop(Tecra  S2).  I have
a  broadband connection from IQARA broadband.

Has anyone got IQARA running on linux? Could you help me out with some
instructions on how to go about this?

I have tried the following so far :

In Network Connections, I created a new xDSL connection named Iqara which
uses dialup for getting IP information.
Besides this, there is also an Inactive Ethernet connection on eth0 (the
Ethernet Card--Marvell-something-something, recognized correctly).
The Inactive ethernet connection is set to start up and determine IP
information using DHCP. This sometimes fails to bring up the eth0 interface
with the following error:
Determining ip information.... <then gives Failed>.
Now, on trying the Iqara connection, it starts up properly. But the problem
is that this happens only sporadically.... bringing up eth0 more often than
not is reporting the following error:
Determining ip information:.... Failed; no link present, Check cable?
If this happens then Iqara also fails to start up.
At the same time, on Windows, the connection works properly... odd, since I
would have expected it to say something like "Network Cable unplugged".

RP-PPoE also doesnt seem to work, though I am not sure of all the settings.

Any help in setting it up is highly welcome...

Thanks a lot,

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