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Rony ronbillypop@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Mon Oct 23 22:43:31 IST 2006

Anurag wrote:
> Sometime on Sunday 22 October 2006 20:29, Rony said:
>>This is just an imaginary concept..... Remember that bike advt. where
>>the double decker bus is converted into a home because everyone is using
>>that brand of bike for transport? "Public ka naya transport".  I was
>>imagining a Linux bus like that. A double decker bus that is dedicated
>>to linux awareness. The lower deck has a lab with linux machines for
>>demo and testing.
> You mean something like this?
> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=56158

That was a classroom bus. My idea is of a lab that conducts demos and 
installations and package trials, a counter that distributes cds, a 
conference room all in one bus. It is to promote linux not teach linux. 
A mobile exhibition cum workshop.



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