[ILUG-BOM] Forbes.com: Toppling Linux

Dinesh Shah dineshah@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Wed Oct 25 19:40:36 IST 2006


On 10/25/06, jtd <jtd at mtnl.net.in> wrote:
> Asshole author who does not know the abc of what he is trying to
> pontificate about.
> The gplv3 prevents a distributor from preventing users excersing the
> rights guranteed under gplv2. It does not prevent the service
> provider from preventing use of his services if the user changes the
> default blob. where is the question of violating others copyrights.
> The gplv3 also explicitly prevents using of patents against any
> recipient of gplv3 code.
> If the crooks who use GNU feel otherwise they are welcome to spend a
> zillion in rolling their own stuff and see if their business
> survives.

You are just telling people that it's only our way. Take it or leave it. :-(

And if someone does not agree to GPLv3 becomes crook! Thank you very
much for all the freedom and software freedom propagated by FSF!

> And btw forbes is yet another M$ schill. Similiar articles published
> in the past few yrs - including complete support for SCO (the author
> was dan lyons afair) - would fill a couple of pages.

Why the moment someone talks against FSF they become MS agents? :-)

> Seems to me Vista is in line for another quarter delay.

Who care? If it's release tomorrow or after 10 Years!

> Rgds

I would suggest that we start respecting other peoples view, opinions

With regards,
--Dinesh Shah :-)

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