[ILUG-BOM] Forbes.com: Toppling Linux

Wed Oct 25 21:08:11 IST 2006

On Wednesday 25 October 2006 20:49, Baishampayan Ghose wrote:
> On Wednesday 25 October 2006 08:42 PM, Harsh Busa cobbled together
> some glyphs to say:
> Harsh,
> > JTD is your ability to devote so much time to replying mails a
> > side effect of using linux and providing linux seervices ? do ur
> > customers ever call you back for help ?
> Now _this_ is purely a personal attack on JTD.

Err BG I think he means it in (sharp) jest.
Yes Harsh it is actually because of that. Customers rarely call once 
things are setup. And rarely is it something that requires my 

Also Harsh my reply was not merely about the attack on RMS, which as u 
point out nobody on the list believes is evil but abt gplV3 which is 
very important, irrespective of wether it is adopted by many or not. 
It has focussed things on the external factors which are going to be 
major impediments in the progress of FOSS. So far the opposition to 
it is more due to confusion and corner cases rather than logic. In 
the case of Linus he does not want to be poltical and resents the 
kernel development being made a political battle ground (IMO 
primarily because companies likely to be affected are substantial 
resource contributors)


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