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On 10/26/06, പ്രവീണ്|Praveen <pravi.a at gmail.com> wrote:
> It would have been a no issue if we already won the game, but it is
> more important than ever that we speak about Freedom and teach others
> why Freedom is important as there is greater threats to Freedom. If
> Software Patents becomes a reality (everywhere) Free Software
> development becomes illegal as it is not possible to keep track of the
> patents you might violate and comply with all. Also when devices that
> use Free Software but deny the Freedom becomes more common it is not
> enough that we get the source code.

/me wonders..

Is the GPL v3 a futuristic Free/OpenSource license whose true value
will only be appreciated after 10 years have passed ? By looking at
short term gains and saying GPLv3 is bad for business (as the Forbes
article says) are we repeating history ?

Surely when GPL v1 came out, the same anti-freedom sentiments we hear
today would have been mirrored in technology circles then. Usage of
the GPL v2 by the Linux kernel community and it's success in the
tech-industry has proved that 'free as in speech' is not just a dream
but a reality. On similar terms, will it require a GPLv3-project
(similar to the linux kernel) which gains largescale business momentum
to show that software under that particular license and free from DRM
and patents can survive ?

I guess the answer to the GPL v3 debate will take some time. If say,
after 10 years business' see that GPLv2 has failed, we can always say,
'I told you so..'

just my $0.0002

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