[ILUG-BOM] Help: Configuring IQARA Broadband on FC5

Rakesh Venkat rakesh09@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Fri Oct 27 13:21:25 IST 2006

> Check xDSL connection to see if it is using eth0 or eth1.
> Play with the connection from eth1 to eth0 and vice versa.

  Well, eth1 is some Intel Wireless thing, which wont work in any case. So ,
I used eth0 only.

Faced a somewhat same issue with Philip's PC on Iqara, and their
> support really sucks when it comes to linux.

Yeah, really! The guy at the call centre didnt know what 'Linux' is and
kept asking for a TCp error number (which pops up in Windows) .. after
telling him what an OS is and enlightening him on
'Windows-is-not-the-only-OS' mantra, the reply I got was "Sorry, our service
doesnt support linux then!". So much for my five minutes of preaching.

>>Also write a small script to start at bootup.
Do you mean something like /sbin/ifup eth0 ? Could you elaborate? This
command from the terminal too gives the error "No link, Check cable?'

I will post some of the relevant messages from ifconfig in some time,  dont
have the laptop with me now.. maybe you guys can make sense of that.


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