[ILUG-BOM] Forbes.com: Toppling Linux

Sat Oct 28 11:22:02 IST 2006

On Friday 27 October 2006 17:44, Mrugesh Karnik wrote:
> On Friday 27 October 2006 16:10, jtd wrote:
> > The gpl does not ask u to give up freedom. It
> > tells u treat others exactly equally. .
> GPL does take away your freedom to make proprietary software
> though. 

Please read my mail. Freedom to exploit (prevent, injure, restrict, 
make difficult, allow misuse etc. etc.) is not freedom. It's 

> Sometimes it can be necessary.

The exploiter always finds umpteen reasons of how important it is for 
him to be allowed exloitation, but not one reason to change his 

> People always shout at NVIDIA or ATI for making closed drivers.
> But, say if you release the drivers and the specs, isn't it
> possible that someone else might copy your design or steal your
> ideas? 

Welcome to the real world my friend. U think competitor sifts thru 
source code to get to your hardware design ?. He buys a couple of yor 
boards and triapses off to Taiwan where guys with etchers and 
steppers strip away your design layer by layer. then duplicate it. 
But this happens only for super hit products with long life cycles 
(read greater than 3 yrs) eg. game machines . The above companies 
products dont last 2 qrts. The real reason is that the designe are so 
full of bugs that it would qualify for recalls (if not lawsuits). One 
of the drivere writers admitted as much.

> I heard (I said, 'heard', I don't have a definitive proof 
> for this..) that KDE 4 people are not releasing too many 'visual'
> details on Plasma just yet just to prevent people from copying
> their ideas.
> I could be wrong here. Please correct me if I am.
> I don't agree with RMS when he says that GPL is defending freedom
> this way. I think it enforces freedom. 

Nobody's asking u to use gpld software. Use any of the prop stuff. If 
u use gpl the licence terms requires u to not exploit or treat others 
differently. And V3 is trying to close the loop holes afforded by new 
tech developments - encryption at the cpu, VM like zen.
Note that as an end user u can use any of these to protect your 
machine. And as a vendor u can use any of these subject to not 
preventing the user from removing or modifying any gpld stuff and the 
same being allowed to execute on the hardware in question.


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