[ILUG-BOM] OS solution for bandwidth usage calculation?

Sat Oct 28 13:44:09 IST 2006

On Saturday 28 October 2006 13:30, Abhishek Daga wrote:
> Here is an application.
> Web cam is in operation (either IP cam or non IP cam).
> Subscribers can login and view the display.

What are u going to display.

> However, they need to pay by the minutes for usage.
> Are there ready FOSS solutions that do the same?


> Can it be an IP based camera which is serving pages directly to
> subscribers who log in via a remotely hosted site?


Are u streaming video or showing snaps?
For streaming vlc, gstreamer, ffmpeg
For snaps v4lgrab, xawtv, motion.

Use ful streaming requires 4Mbps. Snaps dpends on the size.


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