[ILUG-BOM] Forbes.com: Toppling Linux

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Sat Oct 28 20:19:24 IST 2006

2006/10/28, Dinesh Shah <dineshah at gmail.com>:

> 3. Users (mere Mortals -  I belong this category :-)) -
> These are the people who want usable, quality software / content which
> is reasonably priced (preferably gratis ;-)). They are not very much
> bothered about freedom and source code as it mostly irrelevant for
> them. The FSF GODs and Devils and Demons (described below) are
> competing for their souls. :-)

"Freedom is important to me because I get the benefits of being able
to change the software and distribute the improvements because there
are many brilliant programmers out there in my community who improves
the software from time to time and are happy to see the members of
this community using their improvements. I get to use all new
functionalities, less bugs and new contents like themes even though I
cannot code a single line"

"Value your freedom, or you will lose it, teaches history.
`Don't bother us with politics', respond those who don't want to learn."
         -- Richard Stallman
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