[ILUG-BOM] Re: Not getting messages from Mumbai ILUG list

Roshan d_rosh2001@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Sun Oct 29 18:17:43 IST 2006

"Arun K. Khan" wrote:
> For a couple of days earlier this week I not receive
> *any* messagefrom
> this list.  Now, a few messages are trickling into
> my mail box - out of
> sequence e.g. original post missing w/ random posts
> to a thread.

The same on my Yahoo! account too! I had faced this
problem one week ago, I suppose.
> Are there others experiencing this problem?

Yes. Me too. I think, some Yahoo! mail users are
facing this problem. 
I have subscribed to digest mode, and I received 100
first, and then the others in random orders upto 94.


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