[ILUG-BOM] Re: A Linux Brochure.

Vickram Crishna v1clist@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Mon Jan 1 13:38:49 IST 2007

--- Rony wrote:

> Is it ok if I use a full page A4 portrait brochure?
> That way I gain more 
> trying space than the landscape one with muliple
> columns, as they need 
> spacing too. I need space for pictures too. Is a
> normal A4 page good 
> looking for presentation?

It will work fine, designwise. If you use an expensive
glossy paper for the cover, it will look much smarter
and give the finished job some stiffness (while the
paper is relatively expensive, it may not add much
real cost if the quantities are small).

Re the earlier suggestion by someone to print 4 or 6
or 8 pages and paste them, there is a technique of
magazine/book assembly where the pages are stuck on
the edge (perfect binding). 

There are two ways of doing this: one being that some
service centers have small perfect binding systems
(can't really call them machines) for very small run
corporate brochures and reports, the other is to do it
manually using Fevicol or a cheaper substitute (but
they don't come in nice clean tubes). The perfect
binding systems are better because they use a more
flexible glue.


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