[ILUG-BOM] A Linux Brochure

Dhawal Doshy dhawal@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Wed Jan 3 19:58:52 IST 2007

Philip Tellis wrote:
> Sometime Today, DD cobbled together some glyphs to say:
>> i use fvwm.. you insensitive clod!!
> if you use fvwm, you must have really thick skin.  I don't believe 
> insensitivity would get to you.

Umm no *that* was a joke.. i do not use fvwm (unless desperately forced 
to do so) and was a KDE user. Currently being an 'idiot user' i use 
gnome. It was Linus (and not me) whose quote was interpreted as 'GNOME 
users are idiots'..

.. more flames please.

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