[ILUG-BOM] [OT] Triband Problems - Anyone?

Devdas Bhagat devdas@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Wed Jan 3 23:48:41 IST 2007

On 03/01/07 22:57 +0530, Rony wrote:
> 200/- only and that is a technological dream come true. I know someone 
> who works for Bell Canada (The BSNL of Canada) and they failed in 
> implementing broadband over telephone. Here we are with telephone, 2 

Bell Canada offers 10 Mbps (50 GB cap), and 16 Mbps (75 GB cap) in some
areas, and 5Mbps in the rest of their territory. Upload speeds are 1Mbps.
The rates are 70 CDN for 10/1 and 100 CDN for 16/1. Keep in mind that
relative to Canadian income, the rates are similar to MTNL.

> Mbps net and IPTV with 50 channels and VOD for Rs. 300/- per month ( 
> IPTV only ). Even in the US many are still using dialup.

As are a lot of people in India. Pssst, I recommend looking at actual
numbers, rather than relying one the evidence of one person (if you are
too far away from the CO, you won't get DSL).

Vickram had posted something about broadband in Kutch on another list as
well. Note the recent questionnaire put out by TRAI as well.

Devdas Bhagat

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