[ILUG-BOM] Interesting article about Linux adoption in Government

Koustubha Kale koustubha_kale@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Thu Jan 4 19:33:50 IST 2007

> > Yes on the edge and on the servers. But what about
> > desktops? How many Linux Desktops you have?
> As long as you keep your monkeys on your head expect
> only sh** and 
> nuts. 
> City of Munich and Amsterdam and many many others
> are not only not 
> daft, the decision makers are answerable and liable.
> There are only specific cases in SMEs where linux
> has to coexist and 
> hence loses the cost advantage. Places that use as
> an important input 
> from customers, multimedia, page layouts, games and
> very specialised 
> apps that cater to niche markets.
> But u arent talking of such things at all in this
> thread. U are 
> talking of office document formats.
> Even in the above cases many issues can and are
> resolved by 
> arrangement with the customer.
> BTW i have more than 800 desktops.

I am only highlighting a fact I face daily. Of
resistance to migration to Linux at the grassroots
level and that influencing the management decision
about migration to Linux on the Desktop. 

Do you call 800 desktops as an SME in India? 

Apart from all that I would really like to know whats
your industry sector and what are the 800 desktops
being used for with Linux. 

With warm regards
Koustubha Kale

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