[ILUG-BOM] Guest lecture - ethical hacking

Vihan Pandey vihanpandey@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Fri Jan 5 13:29:22 IST 2007

>            So did you attend the talk?

After about half an hour i just couldn't take it :-) t was just a
presentation describing what harm viruses can do and what we can do about
them(his suggestion was keep updating the anti virus).

Of course no real description of the basic architectural flaws of FAT32 and
NTFS nor an explanation of how permissions are handled by the Unix model and
its file system.

He also made a statement that ``anti virus companies create virises and
release them into internet" of course he did not bother cite any names(gee i
wonder why :-) ) to which the crowd went Ohh!!!

Then he started on mediocre network security - what is a port scan, some
common port scanners blah blah blah then saying that they are dangerous ``as
they tell you which ports are open" to which the crowd went Ahh!!!

i think this was the time i felt like puking and decided to leave.

Anyway throughout the lecture i NEVER heard the following terms : SUID,
SGID, sticky bits(and their misuse), Rootkits, nor anything about certain
very interesting kernel modules.

Oh yeah, As usual(as i've read) he arrived pretty late(even in comparison to
IST, Indian Stretchable time)

If so did you know ask him some
> questions to test him?

no i left well before Q&A, or in his case Q --A. Anyway i did talk to the
people who sat through the entire thing in the canteen the next day, one
person did hold his stand at the end asking ``how does someone hack(sic)?"
to which Fadia replied ``i cannot revel that". The question was repeatedly
asked and the reply was the same, with the given justification as ``ethical
reasons". When he was `ping -f -s 65535` with even more requests he is said
to have mentioned some vague thing about ``interchanging bits in a program"
which neither the person telling me nor i couldn't make much sense of.

Since we are on the topic, i would like to mention that the speaker after
him was Dr Godbole an operating systems whiz from IIT, engineering students
may recall his book on the topic, one of the best written by an Indian
author and probably the only one i've read which describes Netware in detail
with a theoretical as well as practical perspective.

In fact Dr Godbole, eventhough a pretty well off guy with no shortage of
work decided to take sabatical's during his work to go and teach adivasis'
in remote areas of Maharashtra. A very rare thing for a silicon valley type

i missed his lecture(because of my leaving early) and that was really stupid
of my part. i guess it kind of taught me to be a little more patient.


- vihan

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