[ILUG-BOM] ways to get a working Linux server in to an installable CD set for future reinstall?

Koustubha Kale koustubha_kale@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Sat Jan 6 17:20:06 IST 2007

I have a Linux server working very well. 
It consists of a lot of software like qmail and stuff
which I downloaded and compiled. And also a lot of
configurations, users etc. during reinstall if I just
use the distro ( CentOS in this case) I would spend a
lot of time again to get the server in the same
working order.

I would like to sort of image it so I can reinstall it
painlessly if it crashes. Or I can install it on some
other server so as to replicate the setup.

What are the best ways to do this? (Apart from using
commercial Imaging or Disaster Recovery software.)

With warm regards
Koustubha Kale

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