[ILUG-BOM] Mumbai cyber cafe license requirement makes Microsoft OS mandatory

Laxminarayan G Kamath A laxminarayan@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Mon Mar 26 13:34:58 IST 2007

On Mon, 26 Mar 2007 13:07:26 +0530, "Chetan S" <cshring at gmail.com>

> So here's a proposed approach to move the cybercafe owners to Linux
> 1. Move their servers first.


> 2. Check which applications need to be moved on priority to Linux.

Really nice line of thought - I mean systematic and practcal approach.
But you have missed one major point .. Wine will also execute viruses
and other alwares just fine.. :-( 

Sorry for throwing a stone at your idea.. but I too have gone over the
idea when I was migrating my home pc and got stuck as all the viruses
also started affecting my machine.. I had folder.htt and desktop.ini in
my home folder with that stupid vbscript virus!! 

> On the additional bonus side most apps / games run faster under Linux
> on wine :D

Yeah.. I remember when the Redhat's Celestia used to bork up every now
and then and Windoze version of Celestia (same version) used to be smoot
(through Wine) 

Quake3 demo was a pain on Windows.. took more than a min to load and
the graphics was jerky. and Linux version used to come up in 8 secs and
was as smooth as melting butter.

Laxminarayan G Kamath A
laxminarayan at deeproot.co.in

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