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Debarshi 'Rishi' Ray debarshi.ray@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Mon Mar 26 14:01:12 IST 2007

> for a person who hasnt visited a cybercafe

You are misquoting. I said I have not visited one for a long time.

>> Moreover customers do not
>> appreciate going to a cyber cafe just to plug in their floppy or
>> pendrive and have a virus remove all their precious data.

> doesnt happen

What does not happen?

>> Secondly a cyber cafe is a place people primarily for browsing the Web
>> using a Web browser.

> how do you know this?

That was how things were last time I paid a visit.

>> I am not sure how many cyber cafe's have the
>> necessary bandwidth to allow _all_ their users to _simultaneously_
>> engage in voice chat or video chat.

> if you are not sure, why post on it?

/me remembers those days when someone with no idea of the GPL and the
BSD license would argue how one is good and the other is bad

> even if they have *one* doze machine they have to pay the full
> licensing fee

So what is the problem? Let them pay it then, if it is indeed
'impossible' to try any other alternative, and fight the directive in
court or wherever applicable.

>> I do not have a cyber cafe anywhere with 4km of where I have been
>> living for the past 4 years.

> if you want to post on this thread, travel and study first

So are you the maintainer of this thread or the new ListAdmin of this
mailing list?

> how much does your institute charge per hour for the use?

Less than 20 paise per hour.

> Are you serious in comparing engineering college students with the average
> cybercafe user

Yes, why not? If you think the average Turbo C++/Windows loving Indian
engineering student is any different than the average cyber cafe user,
then you are badly misguided.

> > Want some proof? Here it is:
> > http://glug-nith.org/~spectre/?article=20070129-0108-NITH-Takeover

> i dont see any proof

You are either blind or a liar.

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