[ILUG-BOM] Mumbai cyber cafe license requirement makes Microsoft OS mandatory

krishnakant Mane researchbase@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Tue Mar 27 11:41:08 IST 2007

following are my observations.  note that most of them are on my
personalexperiences and observations.
1.  except gaming and may be corel, I don't think there is any need
formicrosoft windows.  I want to know what gnulinux can't do?
1.  I can not only have an application similar to ms office but also
can create .doc and xls files (although not recommended ) in open
office.  I don't find any interface changes in that, and if miner ones
are there, cafe owners can be trained for that.
2.  gimp and inkscape (great for corel users) might have a steep
learning curve for those who are not into graphics designing.  but for
those who know photoshop in particular, can use gimp with no "STEEP
LEARNING CURVE".  this is my study because I have been involved with
an organisation which takes workshops every week end and they have
managed to teach gimp to photoshop users in just 2 day, I repeat just
2 DAYS!  for me gimp will be absolutely greek and latin because I am
not into graphics nither do I know photoshop.  same is the case with
we have an expert on gimp and inkscape on this list in the form of
shradha,so I leave it to shradha to answer this comment.
3.  gaim works with yahoo very well and as far as voice chatting is
concerned then skipe is better and even popular.  and more and more
people need to acccess orkut these days so again the tide is not m$

4. mp3 and movies dont seam to be a problem once xmms and related
things are installed.  and let ubuntu media center and fisty come out.
5.  there are three problems that cyber cafes want to get rid of.
"virus, virus and virus!"
6. Stability is the most important issue when one wants huge business
as far as cafes are concerned.  we need uptime dude!  so gnulinux is
not just serving as an alternative but also as a "better alternative".
yes, games is an issue and I believe that there should be a couple or
3 windows boxes with a huge notice board "warning, this computer is
completely unsafe and your data is at risk.  we will not be
responsible if your data catches virus or is currupt!".  then users
will be aware that some machines dont carry this notice and some
machines do.  it is obvious that no one can take risk on this and if
they do they will realise some day or later.  and in front of every
linux machine just put a notice "this is free software and gnulinux is
completely virus free.  we are aware that these machines perform
better than windows ".
the word "aware " is very important here.  we are not giveing any
vorenty about it because there could be hardware problems which are
then pointed towards linux.
so I think we must work on these points when we meet the cyber cafe owners.

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