[ILUG-BOM] Mumbai cyber cafe license requirement makes Microsoft OS mandatory

Raj Mathur raju@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Wed Mar 28 15:31:12 IST 2007

On Wednesday 28 March 2007 13:42, Kenneth Gonsalves wrote:
> [snip]
> cops dont understand definitions. A list of linux distros need to
> be given. And a list of commonly used software should also be given
> - such software should require a license. Example of the list would
> be:
> Microsoft windows - various versions
> coreldraw
> pagemaker
> photoshop
> [more snip]

Does RHEL require a license to be run?  As far as I know running an 
unlicensed copy of RHEL is, at worst, a trademark violation, plus you 
don't get updates.


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