[ILUG-BOM] Windows Vista restricts GNU GCC apps to 32 MB

Sat Mar 31 15:15:56 IST 2007

On Saturday 31 March 2007 14:44, Vickram Crishna wrote:

> Just some food for thought. If some or all of these
> things begin to happen, you can be sure that the
> developers in the 'doze world will think twice about
> letting restrictive software out into the real world.

It's not the developers (or any body else) it's M$ and the toplevel 
managment that makes these decisions. And it's the inabaility to 
cannabalise their work in the fond hope that they can iron out the 

> I just saw Nagarjuna's post about being at HBSCE all
> of today, and must say, talk about communication gap,
> I didn't notice ANY post from anyone saying the venue
> would be available all day. I could easily have been
> there earlier, but am now committed to only getting
> there in the evening.

I was under the impression after reading rony's post that there indeed 
is a NEW restriction on availability. So settled for whatever was 


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