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Pradeepto Bhattacharya pradeeptob@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Mon May 7 11:30:07 IST 2007


On 5/7/07, Sachin Gopal <bomlug at snambiar.com> wrote:
> >
> > I have started a monthly online linux magazine for Indians.
>  Love the passion but rather than reinvent the wheel why don't you join in
> and contribute to www.ubuntu-in.org
> This group also has a wiki, perhaps you might want to contribute..
> It is totally
> > free of cost with no advertisement or any commercial gains.
> >
> All the more reason why you should join and lend a hand in existing
> projects.

           ummm, how would that work? This dude is talking about a
Linux magazine. From what I understand from that he means ``generic"
Linux magazine where people can write and share ideas, tips and foo.
This is something similar to ilug-del's ezine concept. Ubuntu-in is a
Indian chapter of Ubuntu which has its own set of valid aims and
goals. And lets say, somebody wants to write a - ``how-to do fooBar on
Fedora Core 7", then ubuntu-in.org not exactly the right place to
contribute or is it? From what I understand, the goals are different
so there is less scope to join hands in this particular case. So I
think, I think and IMHO this person 's ( what is your name buddy? ) is
perfectly ok. ( Though maybe the idea can be merged with ilug-del's
ezine concept, but I am not sure how much that thing worked out. )

              And now Mr. linux.magzen at gmail.com, err now what I would
like to know from you is - is this magazine going to be a online one
or a good old paper magazine. Now if I wanted to buy it, how much
would I have to pay for it and to whom? Where would I buy it from?
Newsstands? Are you going to email a pdf copy? Or do you plan a nice
little website? Are you based in Mumbai or nearby areas? Please
understand one thing, I am not interrogating you, I might want to
contribute little whatever I know ( and there might be others even) ,
but I am bit wary of anonymous posts and people. So if you give us
more details, there might be more people coming forward to contribute.


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