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Sat May 12 14:24:36 IST 2007

well about windows vista, I just have one thing to say.
there is one difference between a gunda in a local train and windows vista.
the thief or gunda in the local train snatches things by force.  and
windows vista does it in front of your open eyes.
these big criminal jiants like m$ will never stop spying on you.  so
other than IT terrorists, these companies can't be described by some
other name.
and vista is another AK 47 in their hands to fire bullets at you.

On 12/05/07, Nishit Dave <stargazer.dave at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 5/12/07, krishnakant Mane <researchbase at gmail.com> wrote:
> >
> > well,
> > piracy or not.  the freedom is still not there.
> > I can't change the code or hire some one to do it.  I get a new
> > version with the previous buggs solved and a million more which are
> > newly introduced.
> > so unless there is a situation of no choice, we all must use free
> > software.
> > regards,
> > Krishnakant.
> >
> >
> Currently we are enjoying the various joys of Windows Vista on my boss' new
> Vaio.  He also got a virus by email (was it an office file attachment?)
> within the first week.  The IT people could not locate how to add a printer,
> etc., but hey, they have been dumbed down after months upon months of
> servicing Windows installations, no?
> By the way, I told my boss that his computer was slower as Vista needed to
> spy on him to check if he wasn't stealing music (him!?) or videos (what,
> him!!!?) etc. So he asked me why, and I told him that Vista is essential to
> entertainment companies, whose recommendation is essential to get Vista
> sold!  And guess which electronics giant would be benefited the most by
> foisting Vista compulsorily on each new computer sold?  No dropping names,
> guys!  They might install a root kit on you at some movie theatre some day.
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