[ILUG-BOM] what's on the ubuntu dvd, any ideas?

Rohit V Bhute rvbhute@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Sat May 12 23:56:17 IST 2007

Rony wrote:
> You could create a test machine in the city where net is good and save 
> all the deb packages from your /var/cache/apt/archives into a CD. Then 
> either add the CD to the system as a repo or paste all the packages into 
> the target machine's archives folder. Apt-get will go to the net for 
> record keeping but will find the package already downloaded. Feisty has 
> an option to add cds as a repos as soon as they are auto detected. It 
> then brings up the gui package manager. That should be the simpler way.

There a package called APT on CD <http://aptoncd.sourceforge.net/>. Its 
available in the repository in Ubuntu.

 From Synaptic's description:
CD-based repository creator for packages downloaded via APT
Tool for the creation of a CD-based repository containing all packages
downloaded via apt-get. Helpful for a post-installation on several
machines or a simple backup method to re-install the system.
After you've created the CD, you will be able to add it as a repository,
as if it were an Ubuntu 'CD 2'. To run it, type "aptoncd" in a terminal.
Or alternatively, via System -> Administration -> APTonCD menu entry.

Rohit V. Bhute

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