[ILUG-BOM] is IE6.5 or higher w3c compliant

Wed Jun 13 17:59:42 IST 2007

On Monday 11 June 2007 19:12, Philip Tellis wrote:

> There is no browser that is 100% W3C compliant, mainly because it
> depends on which standard you quote.  Opera and Safari pass the
> ACID test for CSS (IIRC), but not necessarily for HTML and
> DOM/Javascript.

> > of the vendors wants that crap to run so that his app which is
> > browser based can function. If the o/p of his app is w3c
> > compliant FF / Konqueror / lynx should work properly and he
> > shouldnt care what

Turns out that the vendor has never tested his stuff on anything other 
than IE6 "because nobody asked for it". Then quickly proceeds to read 
the M$ incantations about security, standards, costs, support etc all 
of which i painstakingly corrected. Faced with the prospect of 
admitting to incompetently advising clients they  have agreed to test 
with FF / Moz and take corrective action where ever neccessary, 
subject to being given some time whenever things dont pan out as 
planned. The outcome was such imo cause i insisted on a point by 
point reply and also cause this vendor is known for being a very 
ethical company.


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