[ILUG-BOM] Why DRM won't ever work

Dinesh Joshi dinesh.a.joshi@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Thu Jun 14 11:01:15 IST 2007

On Thu, 2007-06-14 at 00:37 +0530, Parijat Garg wrote:
> @Dinesh: By definition, a brute-force attack is just cycling through
> all the possible keys. Therefore, in general, greater the bits in the
> key, the more combinations that require to be tested and hence harder
> the brute-force attack. This is independent of DES or 3-DES or any
> other key-based encryption algorithm.

Pfleeger. It has the whole ago and in layman's terms.

Double DES is as secure as DES with 57bit key while Triple DES does give
more security.

Dinesh A. Joshi

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