[ILUG-BOM] "The Linux installed has limited functionality"

saurabh daptardar saurabh.daptardar@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Sun Jun 17 11:32:19 IST 2007


On 6/17/07, Siddhesh Poyarekar <siddhesh.poyarekar at gmail.com> wrote:

> Acer has introduced a new range of notebooks starting at under Rs.
> 20,000. You can check out its features here:
> http://www.acer.co.in/products/notebooks/aspire3680.html
> And while you're at it, look for the line at the bottom of the page, which
> "The Linux that is pre-loaded is a free version and would have limited
> functionality until another operating system is installed"
> Now, does that mean that some drivers are not available on Linux or is
> it simply negative marketing for Linux?

Has anyone tried out the pre-loaded Linux distribution or installed another
distribution on this particular model (Acer 3680) ?  I am thinking of buying
it -- seems to be economical and suited to my requirements but my primary
concern is Linux compatibility. Kindly share your experiences and reports.

The local vendor tells me the  WLAN  card is by Atheros.

Another thing about marketing --- look out  for small prints --- the price
is more than what catches your eye !


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