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Mon Jul 16 22:18:01 IST 2007

On Sun, 15 Jul 2007, Rony wrote:

> Dr. Sharukh K. R. Pavri. wrote:
> >Ok, 
> >
> >As I wrote some time ago, I am trying to connect two pcs via wifi. 
> >
> >I can see the other card via iwlist device scan. But I can't ping each
> >other, this is what I get.
> >-----------------------------------------------------
> >
> >So what do I need to do ? What more info should I send ?
> >
> >
> Are they using the same channel, essid and Ad-Hoc mode?

yes, same channel, essid and both in Ad-Hoc mode. As I said, both machines
find each other w/ iwlist scan but cannot ping each other. Firewall
disabled. I actually managed to ping PC1 from PC2 just the once but then
it just stopped.

FWIW, both cards seem to work because I have a Zaurus running OpenZaurus
w/ Wellenreiter and I can sniff out both wifi cards (not to mention quite
a few other APs).

The 2 PCs are in adjacent rooms about 7 - 8 meters apart.


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