[ILUG-BOM] Linksys wrt54g setup questions

Roshan d_rosh2001@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Tue Jul 17 15:28:56 IST 2007

--- Dinesh Joshi wrote:

> > 2) The power cable is rated for 120V/60Hz. I
> plugged this into a wall
> > socket for a few minutes and did not notice any
> overheating. Can I
> > conclude that this is ok to use? Anyhow using this
> power cable, the
> > power LED did not glow. I will shop for a suitable
> cable today. Can
> > you suggest what rating cable I should use?
> DONT do this...its dangerous! Use a adapter for it.
> You get them cheap.

Yes. There's a step down voltage transformer that you
can buy which costs between Rs. 100/- to Rs.150/- (not
sure about the price, though).  (220-240 to 110 / 120 V)

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