[ILUG-BOM] Linksys wrt54g setup questions

Mohan Nayaka mohansn@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Tue Jul 17 21:57:00 IST 2007

On 7/17/07, Rony <ronbillypop at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
> Mohan Nayaka wrote:
> > Hi all,
> > Yesterday I was trying to set up my home network using the Linksys
> > WRT54G which I recently purchased from the US.
> >
> > The setup I am trying to achieve is: My TriBand connection is to be
> > shared between my desktop (ethernet) and my laptop (by 802.11b/g).
> >
> > Some issues:
> > 1) The router docs clearly say that I have to run an installer from
> > the CD before doing any cabling. This is possible only for windows.
> > What is the procedure for Linux users?
> >
> That CD is meant to frustrate you so that you will tear your hair and
> get bald. :-D The connection is simple and as follows.
> Triband --> Wireless Router----> Wired Computer.
>                                                 |__> )))))) Wireless Devices
> Plug a LAN cable between one of the 4 output ports of the wireless
> router and the laptop's ethernet port.
> Keep your triband ADSL router OFF <--- Important step that prevents hair
> loss. Let your lappy use dhcp.
> Find your ip address and then in your browser go to the X.X.X.1 of that
> network. Log in using 'admin' and 'admin' or 'password' as user_name and
> password.
> After that you simply need to set your Internet ip, wireless ESSID, its
> security type and your LAN ip.
> Set your internet ip to static and adjust it to anything between
> to Remember, the triband's LAN ip of
> is your wireless's internet gateway.  Static setting takes
> care of delays in initialisation of the 2 routers.
> Some wireless routers use as their LAN ip and this clashes
> with your ADSL LAN. Therefore the initial instructions to keep triband
> Set your wireless ESSID and security type. If you use a 64 or 128 bit
> encription key, then copy it down on a paper after creating it.
> Set your wireless router's LAN network to something other than
> if not already.  Remember after you apply the settings, you
> need to refresh your lappy's ethernet to get a fresh ip address
> according to the new network.
> After your have set everything up in the wireless, switch on your
> triband ADSL router. Change your wired pc's ip settings to match the
> newly created LAN network. Set your lappy's wireless settings to use the
> security settings if any.
> Send a 'Eureka' message to the list.
> > 2) The power cable is rated for 120V/60Hz. I plugged this into a wall
> > socket for a few minutes and did not notice any overheating.
> Maybe someone else beat you to it.
> > Can I
> > conclude that this is ok to use?
> It is probably dead by now.
> > Anyhow using this power cable, the
> > power LED did not glow.
> It is not a cable. It is (was) a living throbbing power adapter that got
> murdered by someone. ;) I hope the router is still alive.
> > I will shop for a suitable cable today. Can
> > you suggest what rating cable I should use?
> >
> Find out your router's power ratings. Check if it is AC or DC.

12V DC, 500mA

> Try out a
> computer shop that sells Linksys and see if he gives you a spare one.
> Take your router to him and check it first

Will do that asap.
But I fear the router got fried by 230V applied to transformer pri
where 120V was expected.
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