[ILUG-BOM] Linksys wrt54g setup questions

Rony ronbillypop@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Wed Jul 18 00:03:07 IST 2007

Mohan Nayaka wrote:
> On 7/17/07, Rony <ronbillypop at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:

>> Find out your router's power ratings. Check if it is AC or DC.
> 12V DC, 500mA

Are you sure its 500mA and not 1A?

>> Try out a
>> computer shop that sells Linksys and see if he gives you a spare one.
>> Take your router to him and check it first
> Will do that asap.
> But I fear the router got fried by 230V applied to transformer pri
> where 120V was expected.

If the router has some regulator then maybe it still works. Keep your 
fingers crossed.



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