Aniket Bharaswadkar aniketvb@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Thu Jul 19 11:36:39 IST 2007

> HI
> One of my friend's for whom i instaled Ubuntu 7.04 has a Triband
> connection.... he connects through USB. But Ubuntu is not able to connect
> to
> the modem via usb.Please Help.For some odd reasons he does not want to use
> the ethernet!!!!
> ----
> Joel Solomon
> This is not with Ubuntu, but I thought I must pst this experience.
I installed FC7 at a friends place . He has the white coloured modem(its
UTStar Modem I think) from MTNL and connected via USB as his LAN card is not
working. In FC7 in the network configuration GUI , the USB ethernet
interface (it was ETH1 there) is autodetected as USB ethernet device in the
hardware tab , and just worked by enabling it and setting it to DHCP. We
also disabled the ETH0 interface from the GUI as it was not working anyway.

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