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Wed Oct 3 12:09:54 IST 2007

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Nagarjuna G. wrote:

> another approach is to maintain a good wiki and send them the reference to
> that wiki and ask them to rant it whenever they need support.   If the wiki
> contains most of the FAQs then they will also be benifitted.  Instead of
> using their own language, they will begin to use our language.

Couldn't agree more. At Pune, my experience with Airtel has been a mixed
bag. On one hand, I have encountered folks who know how to get the user
to check the Proxy settings for Firefox and sometimes even ask about
root/super user access on the box. On the other, I get the void
responses when I point out that I don't have Windows running. On the
whole, a telephonic discussion with their nodal office gave me the idea
that given the basic information that can help them support their users
on Linux, they are not averse to putting in efforts to do so. They don't
have the in-house skills to have basic script for their Support Teams ready.

However, that would really mean that the content is kept simple as are
the questions. Very basic questions might put off the experienced user
on Linux, but if it helps an increasing number of Linux desktops use the
ISPs, then we have winners. Or, let's not think about what we could
lose, instead focus on what we can win.

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