[ILUG-BOM] Linuxers Digest, Vol 57, Issue 3

Venkatesh Hariharan venkyh at gmail.com
Sat Jan 5 15:14:16 IST 2008

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> From: "Chetan S" <cshring at gmail.com>
> Great news indeed.
> Just a question :  Have all the features including wifi been enabled too ?

Yes. It has a mesh network and the students use it to chat among
themselves, share photos etc.

> I admire this laptop for its robustness and the wonderful idea of
> making students fix its problems.
> Can you detail the support level offered in this case ?  Am sure there
> is only marginal one ( a good thing ) as Negroponte rightly expects
> students to fix the problems and learn while doing that.

There is a team from Reliance that is supporting the OLPCs. Amit who
is a Linux admin for Reliance and a few others regularly visit the
site and fix the OLPCs.

> What customizations have been made in this case considering they have
> been given to Indian students ?  Or is it the original stuff.

None. It has the Sugar interface that is based on Fedora that is
customises specially for children. This was built by the OLPC team and
Red Hat along with others. One OLPC is now in the Pune center of Red
Hat where some of the localization will happen.

Interestingly, the students are Marathi medium students and not all of
them use English fluently but they use the OLPC features quite well.


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