[ILUG-BOM] tataindicom and firefox

Kenneth Gonsalves lawgon at au-kbc.org
Tue Aug 5 09:53:44 IST 2008

On 05-Aug-08, at 12:01 AM, Siddhesh Poyarekar wrote:

>> I've paid a number of times online even, but there is a specific  
>> trick
>> i use. The client-side JS is IE Specific, and so the pay button does
>> not update a field, and each time you click on it, it basically posts
>> the form without telling it to go to the next step. so you land up
>> seeing the same page. I use a FF extenstion like Tamper Data, and  
>> just
>> manually do what the JS is supposed to do(which i figured out reading
>> the code, basically change paymode or paystep to "ONLNE"), and let  
>> the
>> form post. after that, it works like a charm, and oddly enough, the
>> subsequent pages have the correct javascript, and i dont need to  
>> do it
>> again for the rest of the payment process. i've paid my last 6-7
>> months bills this way. BTW, mails to them about the same seem to be
>> going into the Customer Service(TM) Black Hole...
> Are we all talking of the same product? I've used the service to pay
> for my Tata Indicom cellphone bills without any hassles. Are you guys
> talking of some other payment service for Indicom?

I have a usb modem


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