[ILUG-BOM] Software Patents in India

Saurabh Nanda saurabhnanda at gmail.com
Tue Aug 5 11:27:09 IST 2008

JTD, thanks for taking out some time to write that mail, but I'm afraid to
say that I couldn't understand a word of the following paragraph (which I is
the crux of your argument). Could you please try explaining it with a
different approach?

Consider a VHDL file that describes a PCI /AGP/USB/other device.
> Copyright serves the purpose of preventing copying or creating
> derivative works of this file. Any number of permutations of VHDL
> elements are likely to produce the same end result silicon (perhaps
> less effeciently). Now adding a driver to control this piece of VHDL
> code manifested in some silicon does not in anyway change the fact
> that one could recreate the same functionality with different VHDL +
> driver or only silicon without vhdl or only software on a DSP /
> processor or any number of permutation combinations. Why? because the
> vhdl is a description which tells the interpreter to produce silicon
> based on a silicon vendors library description of vhdl circuit
> elements. The resulting silicon will differ drastically from one
> silicon vendor to another. Similiarly  a piece of software code will
> produce a different set of binaries depending on libraries created
> for a particular expression of silicon + compiler.


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