[ILUG-BOM] Software Patents in India

jtd jtd at mtnl.net.in
Thu Aug 7 18:29:24 IST 2008

and while we were asleep three patents have been granted to Microsoft 
by the indian patent office. 

Just reading the initial brief tells me it this a journalled fs 
coupled with some seek n sort.

This one looks like DRM but could be SSH

And this one hashes of loaded modules in mem to check that there is no 
trojan module. DRM? AV?

I thought that the  Chairperson at today's meet was defensive, perhaps 
even a bit derisive initially, but saw the opposition was stringent 
and cooled down. One can see why from the above. 991 patents applied 
for by M$. Three granted this year. And god only knows how many more 
submarine nukes waiting.


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