[ILUG-BOM] unable to install printer

Rony gnulinuxist at gmail.com
Sat Sep 13 18:32:00 IST 2008

Neelesh wrote:
> Hi ,
> I am facing problem installating HP 1020 laserjet usb printer on Redhat
> linux 5.2 client.
> please suggest the solution.
Is this RedHat the very old 5.2 version or is it RHEL 5? Generally in 
Ubuntu, the hpijsfoo... driver package has to be uninstalled using apt 
and you will have to download the equivalent driver's tar.gz file from 
openprinting.org. Untar it and give the make and make install commands. 
After that create your new printer using the new driver. One way of 
checking if your printer is at least detected is that when you run the 
setup dialog, you get a list of ports. If your printer's name is listed 
with the port then at least the detection is proper.

Sometimes the Gnome or KDE GUIs mess up with the permissions and you 
cannot authenticate just at the end of your setup, so use the 
localhost:631 interface in your browser. For authentication, use 'root' 
and its 'password'. You may have to add the regular user to the 'lp' 
group in the /etc/groups file, log off and re-login.



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