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Dinesh Shah (દિનેશ શાહ/दिनेश शाह) dineshah at gmail.com
Tue Oct 7 22:38:04 IST 2008

Which Business Desktop OS? Windows or Linux

Microsoft Windows has been the ideal choice for the desktop because of
its simplicity, ease of use, good application and hardware support and
also because it's easy to pirate. Over the years we've also seen the
emergence of Linux as the new desktop OS platform with operating
systems like Ubuntu, Fedora, Linspire and SLED gaining acceptance.
This new acceptance of these Linux flavors is because Linux is no
longer the command line OS as it was perceived earlier. All these
flavors come equipped with user-friendly features and they're also
easy to use. Many businesses tend to shift from Windows to Linux based
on preconceived notions and assumptions.


--Dinesh Shah :-)
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