[ILUG-BOM] [XPost] Why I think Foss.in/2008 is missing its target..

Dinesh Shah (દિનેશ શાહ/दिनेश शाह) dineshah at gmail.com
Tue Oct 7 23:03:56 IST 2008

With his his 'Omelette Post' about FOSS.IN/2008 Call for
Participation, Atul Chitnis, the FOSS.IN team 'leader' indeed sent an
strong sign.

For those who aren't aware of it, FOSS.IN is the longstanding major
FLOSS event in India and, still (just like our beloved Debconf) only
run by volunteers.

Last year, along with Sam Hocevar, I had the chance to attend the
event and share the groove of that big, huge, conference, with over
2,000 participants. Some other Debian fellows also made it in the past
(Jaldhar, Bdale...).


--Dinesh Shah :-)
Shah Micro System
Milton Berle  - "If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door."

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