[ILUG-BOM] keyboard freezes in one session in kde

Rony gnulinuxist at gmail.com
Sun Oct 12 14:12:52 IST 2008

Mrugesh Karnik wrote:
> On Saturday 11 October 2008 21:02:30 Rony wrote:
>> I had faced a similar problem when using Kubuntu 6.06 on the laptop.
>> After login, the keyboard would be useless. I could not pin point the
>> problem but I deleted the .kde folder in the home directory and
>> everything was restored to default settings. All customization of KDE
>> was lost. However I got my keyboard back.
> I had thought of that, but didn't actually do it. I need to figure exactly 
> which setting caused this.
That is why I was hesitant to mention this solution.



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