[ILUG-BOM] [Talk-in] OSM in Mumbai Wikipedia Coverage

Saswata Banerjee scrapo at saswatabanerjee.com
Sun Dec 7 11:03:33 IST 2008

Kenneth Gonsalves wrote:
> On Saturday 06 Dec 2008 11:38:05 pm Mikel Maron wrote:
>>> unfortunately the OSM data for this area is still b0rked
>> What can we do? There's been some editing in Coloba recently, adding places
>> involved in the attack. With the attention right now, we certainly harvest
>> some work and could get Coloba sorted out in short order. The Yahoo imagery
>> could help as a first pass. Seem like a good idea? Any thoughts on how to
>> proceed?
> people who know Mumbai have to do it - we have verified that the satellite 
> data is accurate and had a sprint where a few major roads were done. I did 
> some stuff in the Versova area and in worli too. We just have to wait until 
> people in Mumbai start work. New areas, apart from Chennai, Ludhiana, Delhi 
> and Ooty where good work is going on are Coimbatore and Hyderabad
The reports say of how the terrorists used these same digital maps to 
plan their actions and reduced the requirement of having to stay in 
Mumbai and do a proper reconnaissance.
At this time, you will not find many people favouring update of digital 


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