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Dinesh Joshi dinesh.a.joshi at gmail.com
Tue Feb 17 01:09:22 IST 2009

On Sun, Feb 15, 2009 at 6:35 AM, VidAyer <vid at svaksha.com> wrote:
> Sarcasm, Mr. Dinesh Joshi ??  I would credit you with a lot more
> intelligence than that. So i'll just step over your current
> self-indulgence in asking leading questions[0] via presuppositions[1],
> petitio principii[2] and syllogisms[3] and invite you to help LCIN
> (see below...:))

Thank you for your err..compliments. If I was you, I would really
refrain from pulling at any of my threads ( quite literally ). I can
be somewhat a complete ass at times. An example of which is elegantly
illustrated below. Sorry for spoiling your fun but that is how I am

> ...but I'm not (kidding) when I invite you (and other members who
> derive joy in flaming others) to volunteer for conducting LC-Labs[4]
> sessions in Mumbai, in addition to Mehul Ved's Linux session** at
> VJTI.  Linuxchix-India has been trying to sync with the local LUG
> groups and it would be fantastic if you could volunteer to help us

Sure!! Just sponsor my ticket from US to Mumbai ( and back ). I would
love to help you guys out :-)

> being an example of why _some_ local LUG's miss out on various
> aspects, especially active participation of women[5] and I've said
> that earlier in a different context[6].

This raises the issue of discrimination. I will not be discriminated
against :-P ( flame bait ;-) ). And I dont get it. If women want to
use Linux they'll use Linux. Why the heck do you guys have to herd (
read: herd, not Hurd :-P )  them into using Linux? Spreading awareness
is one thing, but discriminating against us men? It has gone far
enough. It ends here. Now. You want a separate mailing list, separate
irc rooms, next you people will ask for separate Linux distros ( or
probably it is there already ). Why dont you people just go and live
on a different planet? You'll use our mailing lists, our irc rooms,
our distros and vice-versa? nah... we're kicked out...mercilessly (
not that I've been on the receiving side, ever :-) ). You're
fracturing the whole social fabric. Dont you get it? :-/ This doesn't
fit into my philosophy. Make it a general event and I'm there ( after
you sponsor my tickets ofcourse ).

And for your kind information please, PLEASE do not bring in the whole
minority, under-represented and lack-of-opportunity crap in countering
my arguments. Nobody is discriminating against women and keeping them
from getting their hands on a Linux distro or a computer. Linux
enthusiasts ( "read: men" which holds true in 99/100 cases ) will be
more than willing to help anybody, especially, women. One of the
founding principles of the GNU philosophy is openness ( I dont think I
need to explain what it is, right? ;-) ). With FSF's philosophy,
everyone is welcome. You're abusing it by applying this stupid
minority crap to it.

Ouch...it must've hurt, right? :O I'm not sorry :-) Hope this teaches
you a good lesson. Do your homework before replying to my post.

So before you write another oh-i'm-so-1337 reply, please know what
you're dealing with :-)

Dinesh A. Joshi

P.S.: Send me e-tickets ;-)

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